vendredi 12 février 2010

GodBlessMaliSunSeT introduces his Poker blog

Hi dear readers,

so as you can see, I started a blog where I will talk about my Poker "career". My first message will be my introduction as well as my start in Poker and my goals. I will make my introduction in the form of an interview so it will be easier for you to read it and I will feel famous in the same time xD

Interviewer -> Hi GodBlessMaliSunSeT, could you please introduce yourself for those who don't know you?

GodBlessMaliSunSeT -> Hello myself, my name is Dimitri 'GodBlessMaliSunSeT' V. I am 21 years old and I am currently living in Nancy, France.

Interviewer -> What do you do in real life?

GodBlessMaliSunSeT -> I am currently looking for a job but it is a hard task for me because I've been sick and I did not have the chance to do long studies. Nonetheless, I really would like to study again if my health allows me to do so. So during my spare time, I like watching series, listening to music, playing Poker and playing Badminton from time to time.

Interviewer -> When did you start with Poker and how did you get into it?

GodBlessMaliSunSeT -> Last summer, I had a conversation with a friend who talked about Poker and he introduced me to and the 50$ I could earn if I succeeded the quizz, thing I did. So I started Poker last September but I quickly lost the money I had earned from PokerStrategy so I took a break from Poker and I started to read more articles and watch more videos. Nonetheless, my comeback was not better since I lost again. So after a few breaks, I come back and I hope I will do better and I am sure I will.

Interviewer -> What do you expect from Poker? Do you plan to make it your real life job or is it a hobby?

GodBlessMaliSunSeT -> I can't answer to this question yet, I doubt I can live of Poker in 2NL and I don't know how good I will do in the future. So for the moment, it is just a hobby and if I can earn some $$$, it will be an extra.

Interviewer -> What do usually play? Are you a CG/MTT player? Do you play FR/SH or HU?

GodBlessMaliSunSeT -> When I started Poker, I tried to play SnG/CG and it took me a while before choosing CG. I would like to focus on CG and when I will do well, I will reconsider the question. MTT are very different from CG and very interesting to play. In CG, I play in FR but I'm planning to switch to SH and then HU.

Interviewer -> What do you think will be the key to succeed in Poker?

GodBlessMaliSunSeT -> I don't know if I will succeed in Poker but I have a lot of free time for the moment and I also have much motivation so I think it will be a plus for me for crushing the limits. Nonetheless, I have a lot of flaws that I will have to correct.

Interviewer -> So you play in 2NL, do you have a Starting Hand Chart for this limit?

GodBlessMaliSunSeT -> After thousand of hands, I saw that I lost much money with hands I thought were good such as KQ/KJ/QJ etc ... So now, I only play a few hands which are the following:

- All PP (So 22+) I play them aggressively from middle positions. If I am first-in, I will raise and if there is a raise before me, I will usually call it. So whether I hit the flop and it is a very good new for me or whether I don't hit it and I must fold or make a continuation bet if the flop is fine. I saw that I won more $$ by playing these hands aggressively.
- AK/AQ I raise with these hands in all positions
- AJ/AT I play these hands from middle positions if I am first in
- KQ/KJ/KT/QJ I play these hands if I am at CU or BTN only if I am first in but it is depending if they are suited or not so sometimes I can limp if someone played before me.

Ok, I think I am done with my introduction, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I will try to post some hands in the future so the show can finally begin.

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